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Arctic Torrent 1.2.3


If you need to share and download really files and you do not need to pay attent

Arctic Torrent
ソフト種類: Freeware
日付追加: 2007-09-01
対応OS: 2000,Windows Xp


Arctic Torrent 1.2.3】の開発者説明

If you need to share and download really files and you do not need to pay attention to the appearance and advanced options, Arctic Torrent is what you need.

Arctic Torrent is a P2P client, very simple to use with a user interface that only shows the real downloads and several data about them, such as size, transference velocity, state and more. This is because a P2P system that consumes few resources has been developed.

Form its option you may establish bandwidth fro the program and ports for the downloads.

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